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I just bought a msi gtx 780 to my computer but didnt get more fps in games. Is it because my cpu fx 4100 sucks?
Btw i got a 600w power supply
Please answer
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  1. What GPU did you have before?
    Have you got Vsync on?

    Your FX 4100 isn't the greatest, but even so, the frame rate should have improved.
  2. Post your complete and detailed build including OS and monitor.
  3. before i had a hd r7700,
    GPU Msi geforce gtx 780
    8g ram
    OS windows 7 ultimate
    Cpu amd fx 4100
    My monitor: samsung s24c300 60hz
    motherboard Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
    Cpu fan Zalman cnps10x

    My friend told me my cpu is bottleneck and will not even give me the half power of my gpu

    Sorry for bad english
  4. and i always turn off v sync
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    Yes - your cpu will be the bottleneck.

    You need to get a better cpu. eg FX8350 with a 990fx chipset motherboard.
  6. do i have to change my motherboard? or can i just change the cpu to fx 8350?
  7. The 970 chipset is fine for an FX 8350.

    Yes, it has less features, but there is no point in getting a 990FX chipset board when you already have an M5A97, which supports the 8350 just fine.

    I honestly don't see why some people say that you 'must' have a 990FX board with an FX 8320/8350. 970 chipset performs fine, as long as the board is well built.
  8. The motherboard you've got is notoriously crappy. The FX8350 will put a bigger load on it.
  9. well i think i will only buy the fx 8350, when i get more money i will buy a new motherboard. Thanks for the help :))
  10. Your motherboard only as 4+1 phases for voltage control, no VRM heatsinks and can't be used for overclocking.

    An ASRock 990fx Extreme 4 has 8+2 phases and is heatsinked and good for overclocking.
  11. well i wont probably overclock because i only have 600w power supply
  12. Hopefully your power supply is good. What make and model?
  13. Corsair Builder Series CX 600
  14. We've had a lot of problems with them - bad voltage control (crappy capacitors) and badly moulded 24 pin motherboard connectors. You should look at replacing that too down the track. See - its in Tier 3 - not for serious overclockers.
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