HD 4850 crossfire upgrade worth it?

i haven't look into upgrading in awhile i think these cards where bought for skyrim...
i run 2-3 1080p 32" tv's 1 for gaming, and the other 2 for video and web
i haven't run into a game i couldn't play on at least high settings on 1080p and maintain 30fps or better
currently only play lol and eso
would it be worth updating to a dual or tripple r7 265?( i paid 260$ a card last time i'd like to get away with 160 this time) the specs look so close i don't know if there will be any difference
system specs

intel i7-930 oc to 4.4ghz some monster tri fan zalman cooling (water cooling was a pain)
24gb of pc3-12800 corsair, 16gb ramdisk
msi big bang xpower x58
2 his hd 5850 1gb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161330
2 64gb ssd raid 0
2 300gb raptors raid 0
4 2tb in raid 0/1
old enermax galaxy 1k
coolermaster HAF
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  1. It's not worth upgrading to just a 265. And if you're happy with what you've got; then just sit on it till it blows up or you want a R9 290 or GTX 780. Then it'll be worth upgrading.
  2. Hi alexader1989
    I agree with i7baby , save your pennies for a 290 or 780 a much better option :)
  3. these cards have lasted the longest among all of them and they were better than the 9800 gtx setup i had before there much more stable( though the 9800's are still kicking around), was just curious if the low end new stuff had passed up my old high end stuff.
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