Best recording software for creating illustrator,photoshop & likewise tutorials.

Hello Sirs & Madams,

Firstly my sincerest apologies if this question was asked before on the forums.

2ndly, i want to create my own channel in youtube regarding this tutorials..but i am at a fix as to what software to use to record my voice+video of the work that i seek to publish. Fraps i think cannot be used to record screens &/OR programs like these, so what are your suggestions ?

Below are my computer specs:

Processor: Intel i5 3570K
Motherboard: Gigabyte H77 UD3H
RAM: 8GB DDR3 Dual-Channel
Graphics Card: ASUS GTX650E 2GB GDDR5
HDD: 1×500GB + 1×1TB SATA
PowerSupply: Cooler Master 600W.
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  1. I use FFSplit, and it works great!
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