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Alright, so I was looking around in my bitdefender, I have a *cough* pir... *cough*, and I was looking around so I connected with my facebook account to bitdefener so I can enable a feature. And after 5 minutes I tried using my browser but I just lost connection. It said that I am connected but when I open my browser I can't go to any site, except the Default Gateway one. And also, I connect to my wifi from the laptop and it works, so I'm guessing its something with the Gaming PC! Please help me ASAP!
Thanks in advance!
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    If you disable bit defender, does this issue still occur? Also, you specifically mentioned wireless, does this mean that it works with a wired connection just not with wireless?

  2. Yes it totally did! Thank you for your help, and since it is *cough* pir... *cough* im uninstalling it.
  3. my pleasure :)
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