System switches off randomly without warning


The problem I am facing started 2 months back. I purchased my rig around 9 months back.
I use my rig primarily for my 3D CG work, as usual I kept my PC for rendering over night and in the morning the fans were running, proxy cooler was running, however I had no display (two monitor setup, both connected to DVI port of GPU). Once I restarted the system, it started working. Then it happened couple of times more. I read couple of posts in tomshardware forums and realized the problem lies with the GPU. Since it never occurred again for few days, I ignored the errors. However, this new issues surfaced; The system completely powered down at random intervals during my work or when running games and wouldn't turn on.
I removed my GPU (Sapphire OS Boost HD 7950) and send it for replacement. While the card was on replacement, I was running the PC on motherboard's native graphics and system never switched off, not once.

Yesterday (took 25 days to replace the card and my system never switched off once during this time) I got a replacement and Sapphire gave me a Vapour X OC Boost HD 7950.
Till now it worked fine, however few of minutes before I wrote this, it occurred again. System completely powered off and everything stopped. Even when I press the power button, it doesn't start. I need to wait for a while or turn on and off my UPS to get the system running again.

I have a strong feeling that the PSU might not be able to give enough power to the PC. As GPU has been replaced, PSU is the next suspect. I could be wrong, and would appreciate it some can tell me what has happened.

Thank You
My system spec below.

Motherboard :- Gigabyte Z87-D3HP

Processor:- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Hard Drives:-
WD Green 1 TB (1 no.)
(2) Samsung 120 GB SSD (2 no.s)

Graphics Card:- Sapphire Vapour-X HD 7950 OC Boost
Memory Size 3072 MB
Core Clock in MHz 950 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 1250 MHz
Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 240.0 GByte/s

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB
Manufacturer & Model:- Corsair Vengeance

Power Supply Manufacturer & Model:- Corsair GS 800

UPS Manufacturer & Model: - APC RS 1100

Corsair Carbine IV Cabinet
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  1. Sounds like your PSU is starting to die, I assume without the GPU it probably didn't have much of a load to work under so it could keep up but when you got our GPU back it would need more power and it's probably failing out at the higher voltages, especially if it's not turning back on.

    Are you getting a boot loop? do the fans spin when you hit the power button but nothing else happens?
  2. Best answer
    Nope, no boot loop. Its starts fine. Right now I am replying from the same machine in fact.

    So I think I need to visit Corsair then, the machine is not even an year old.
    For the my current rig setup is 800Watts enough?
  3. Should be more than adequate. Might want to keep an eye on your temperatures make sure that it's not overheating and shutting itself down. Download something like CPU-Z and keep an eye on your temps.
  4. Here is a heat reading.
    I hope its normal. I meant at my work the Quadro 6000k burns at 85 deg Celsius on load.

    The GPU wasn't on my machine, I have rendered a couple of times and my CPU would be at 100% load and the temp will be around 60-65, yet it never shut down like this.

    And there is space inside the cabinet, Once I close I have a intake side fan too.

  5. those temps seem fine, pretty good at 100% load, hmm it's hard to say what the problem could be only thing i can think of is PSU issues.
  6. Oh dear god, that means another 25 days of waiting to get the PSU replaced.
    I really hope its PSU
  7. Just to be sure make sure your CPU is seated correctly and there are no Bent pins, unfortunately there's no easy way to be sure it's the PSU unless you have a good comparable one lying around.
  8. I did check CPU, actually not just CPU but every component was removed, dusted and placed back.

    Yeah, that's a problem, no PSU of that wattage to test things out.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot of replies Zephyrium
  9. Okay, it switched off and not turning back on.
    With or without graphics card.

    The light on my psu blinks for a micro second and then nothing. System doesn't turn on..
    From past couple of hours.
  10. Sounds like it's definitely your PSU then
  11. Check if theres new drivers for it. Dont just use device manager ether, go to the manufacturers website and look up your device. If you already have the latest driver and there's a beta driver download it and try.
  12. Yeah, seems like. First thing tomorrow morning I need to go to corsair service center.

    What's a Driver for PSU?!

    Never heard about that till now.
  13. my bad, I thought we were talking about the video card.
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