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Curious thing. A website called Dave's Garden was sold to an entity that then booted out the original owners. The original owners then started another website (Cubits) and invited members over, despite the threat of a lawsuit. I joined the second site (Cubits) while keeping the first (Dave's Garden).The Cubits website went bust and migrated its members to a website called All Things Plants. All Things Plants was sending me newsletters each week, but this stopped a couple of weeks ago. Every time I try to log into All Things Plants, I am hijacked and sent to Dave's Garden (the original website that the corporation purchased). This includes every link on the Google search page, as well as links sent to me by other people that should go to All Things Plants. Others are having no difficulty. I have emailed the administration of Daves Garden, but no answer. Did they hijack me, and how can I fix it? Thank you.
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  1. If I search for "All Things Plants", I get this as the first link at google:

    Clear the cache on your browser(s) and see what happens.
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