Computer msi p67a gd55 motherboard no longer displays any picture after bios update

I have a MSI P67A-GD55 motherboard and a radeon HD6850 graphics card. When I first built my computer a few years ago, everything was fine. However, I bought a new r9 270x graphics card recently and for some reason it would not display any picture. The 6850 would display with no problem but the r9 would have the fans running but not display any picture. So I thought my motherboard's bios might be out of date so I tried to update it with the msi bios update but instead it made my computer freeze.
Now neither graphics card displays anything. How would I fix this problem and at least get the 6850 to work again.
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    Try resetting bios through CMOS reset, follow instructions from mobo manual!
    Aso take out bios battery and wait for a minute or two.
    If you have a direct VGA from inbuilt CPU then try that port to verify graphics functionality!
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