Does the Manufacturer Matter?

i want to buy a new mobo but i want to know is there a difference between the manufacturers as it is in graphical cards.
all so does the chipset improve performance or only gives more options like OCing and crossfiring.
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    Actually, I see more difference on motherboard manufacturers than graphics card manufacturers.
    In graphics, all the chips and board circuitry come from Nvidia or AMD. The cards differ primarily in the cooling and factory overclocks.

    In motherboards, the chipsets determine the features available like how many X16 slots or overclocking support. Each bios will be different.
    Motherboards will differ on size, layout and features.
    The voltage capability and management are important if you will be overclocking.

    What cpu are you looking at?
    Do you own it now?
  2. im looking at intel 4690 i wont over clock and the size i want is ATX i don't want any thing special with it.
    but is there a difference between asus,asrock,msi and gigabyte?
  3. Any lga 1150 motherboard will do your job.
    I might, on principle, go with a more modern H97 based motherboard.
    There are differences among the 4, but not significant.
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