Dxtory Help! Cannot edit videos!

I am just starting out with YouTube and I have just bought Dxtory because I have heard so much good about it! Videos record fine and playback fine in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER but when I put them into my editing software (Serif MoviePlus X6) there is no codec to decode the videos, so I can't edit them. I use the lagarith looseless codec and I have tried all the different quality formats. RGB can be decoded but when it is and I start editing I just get all black videos. I haven't got the money to buy any other editing software and I am looking for expert help, or any ideas which may help! Please Help!!!!
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    ive run into the problem with video editing programs unfortunately when they do not support certain codecs/formats

    try this codec see if it works :
  2. Thanks for your help! I have found a solution which is to record my recording with my old recording software which can record the desktop. Thanks for your time and answer though!
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