Swapped graphics card, long beep at start, no signal

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I found out that i had another computer case with a better processor in it so i figured I could swap all the components out of my old pc and put them into that one.

Everything went fine untill i plugged in the new graphics card. My monitor gave the message 'No signal' and went to sleep and my computer gave a long beep.

Now i know that there are alot of threads about this already but I couldnt find any solution in those. I already tried:

-Putting in a new graphics card, the computer and display worked fine. So its not the PSIe slot
-Moving my RAM around, switching them, taking one out and leave the other in.
-Switch monitors, switch cables.
-Cleaned all components, removing dust

Now i know that my PSU can handle the gpu (thats graphics card right? Will be using gpu for graphics card from now on ^^) because I had both running in my old pc and never had a problem.

All the specs i know are:

- Radeon hd 7750
- msi n1996 (i believe this is the motherboard name?)
- Intel Celeron E3400 @ 2.60GHz
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  1. I googled some more and found that someone said that my psi slot is too old, but the card fits in perfectly and it looks exactly the same as my old computer's psi slot... It is an 7 year old computer though.
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    According to that motherboard you listed, it only has an old AGP graphics card slot.

    The HD 7750 is a modern PCI-Express graphics card, so needs a PCI-E x16 slot to work.

    This is why it is not working, the technology on the motherboard is old & the card uses newer technology.

  3. Ah alright, thanks mate!

    Guess ill have to put everything back then...

    Have a good one! Cheers
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