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Okay, well I currently have the logitech g230s, and although they've been working good, I've had a lot of people complain about my mic doing really weird/loud things randomly.. so im looking to get a new headset.. and im on a budget :P.. So far ive been looking at the Razer Electra headset.. any opinions on this particular headset? and would you recommend any others for $50 or less? Thanks

P.s I dont need something that has surround sound. Stereos is fine for me. I just want something that has decent sound and a decent/good mic

Any opinions on turtle beach x12s ?
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    You should get this: (Turtle Beach Ear Force P11) And yes, it's a PS3 headset BUT i had that headset for a year before upgrading to my Logitech G430. So, that headset works really great with pc too, and the mic is REALLY good. =)
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