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Hi all, quick question: given the many and varied benchmark tests these days, I'm wondering which one offers the best indication of single-core CPU performance? I'm looking to upgrade my system and the application I'm trying to speed up is single-threaded, single-core only.

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  1. I use PassMark and CineBench for single-threaded performance. Intel Haswell CPUs perform the best there.
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    The best benchmark is YOUR app.

    There is a unique cpu coming that should be the hands down favorite for your situation.
    The G3258 Pentium anniversary edition.
    Read a review here.,3849-14.html
    Pay particular attention to the lame test which is single threaded.
    You can overclock the G3258, perhaps as high as 4.6 with a z97 based motherboard.
    The haswell architecture is currently the strongest per clock, and with a high clock rate it is as good as you can do.
    The G3258 is to be available July 1
  3. Wow thanks Geofelt, the G3258 is pretty awesome on that test! Only thing is, I need rock solid stability and to be honest, I have never overclocked anything and wouldn't know how. I'm hoping to get great results at "stock" speed. I'm upgrading from an i7 920.
  4. The i7 920 is fine, and you should not go DOWN to a Pentium. It is still good for many of today's games. If you want something good for gaming, try going for a Core i5-4690k. GREAT performance.
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