MSi GTX 780 ti running insanely hot !

Hi ! I noticed today using Nvidia inspector that my 780 ti goes to about 80 C under CPU which is water cooled gets to no more than 65 C..I have a NZXT h440 case, using all of the case fan avaible. I just don't know what to do. I'm scared my gpu will drop dead on me soon enough if it keeps running this hot. What to do ?
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  1. That is normal for that GPU.

    If you are worried about it you could install some more fans.

    A GPU will run hotter then a CPU. (Unless APU/IGPU)
  2. those are pretty normal temps, nothing to worry about. GPU normally run hotter than cpu. See for yourself,9.html
  3. You did just make me feel about 200% better.... but Just to be sure, Would you mind if I posted a picture showing what it looks like . Maybe im just an idiot and my fans are not pushing the air the way they should etc.
  4. If your GPU is running at 80C under load your are 100% fine!
  5. Also I had a question maybe you could answer. The dual fans on my gpu are pointing down but there is no fan to push that air out. The fans on front end of the case are pushing air toward the back but I'm not sure the air flow is optimal. Is there an easy solution to use more efficiently the fans on my card ?
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    Your GPU fans are sucking the air in, not pushing it out downward. The air shoots through the heatsink and out the side and top of the card. Hopefully your case exhaust fans are capable of dealing with the extra heat.

    Here's some basic info on Turbo Boost 2.0:
    GTX 700 series cards have a setting called "Temp Limit". This is a pre-defined temperature setting that the card targets and tries to maintain. On a GTX 780, the Temp Limit is 80C (no surprise you're running at exactly that temperature!). This is NOT the same as the thermal threshold, 95C, the point at which your GPU can suffer damage.

    The video card will increase its Turbo Boost clocks as long as the temperature is below 80C. When it hits the Temp Limit, the card will then increase fans and reduce Turbo Boost clocks in order to maintain that target temperature. The Temp Limit is able to be adjusted in Afterburner or PrecisionX, as this is an important variable when overclocking.,4.html
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