Rebuild of failed Intel RST RAID 1 array fails after .02% complete

ASUS P6T6 Revolution
WIndows 7 x64
Intel RST v.
Seagate ST3100528AS

RAID 1 became degraded and reported the failure of one of the disks. I replaced the disk with new Seagate ST3100528AS (exact same disk as the one that is still good.)

Intel RST sees the new HD and attempts to rebuild the array, but rebuild fails after .02% complete.
Intel RST then shows the disk as missing with a size of 0 MB.

If the computer is re-booted, it goes through the same sequence and fails again.

Is this a bad HD or is there another issue? I have previously replaced these HD's with no problem re-building the RAID array.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hard to say if the HDD is bad. Run Seatools surface test and let us know the results.
  2. Thanks, running Seatools now.

    Here is what I found before seeing your answer: I removed the new drive from the computer, put it into an external case and hooked it to another computer to see what the drive looked like in disk management. The RST had created the proper partitions (matching the good drive in the array) before the rebuild failed. I am wondering if these partitions are causing the failure of the rebuild? Any ideas?
  3. I have deleted the partitions that were formed by the initial RST rebuild that failed. I have run the Seatools short generic test and the drive failed. I am now running the long generic test, which has the ability to repair difficult to read sectors.
  4. This drive has failed the Seatools "Long Generic" test. It appears the drive is NG. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. echappee said:
    Update: New drive had FAILED the "Long Generic" Seatools test.

    Time to RMA it.
  6. Ijack said:
    echappee said:
    Update: New drive had FAILED the "Long Generic" Seatools test.

    Time to RMA it.

  7. I was able to return the drive and replaced it with a Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000. The system recognized the drive and rebuilt the array correctly. All is working well not - we'll see how it goes...
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