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I recently switched from a Nvidia GPU to an AMD GPU and installed the amd drivers while I still had the nvidia drivers. Today I was cleaning out my computer when I decided to uninstall the nvidia drivers. I restarted my pc and windows went into basic mode and I cant figure out how to get it out of it and think it may be a driver problem. I also cant play steam games because it says I need a directX 10 graphics card. Should I just do a clean install of windows and start over?

Thank you
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  1. reinstall the drivers for the card all over again/
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    It would help if you said which windows and both gpu details

    I presume you are in safe mode hopefully you can get to control panel then add & remove programs or what ever it is called in your windows

    Un install both drivers & associated programs

    See if normal startup works using generic graphics driver

    Then install driver for new gpu from the driver disk
    If that works run for a few days to see it is stable

    If the driver disk is more than 6 months old decide if to update from gpu manufacturers web site or AMD web site
    Only use major release drivers not beta

    Mike Barnes
  3. Sorry meant to take this down earlier! Thanks for the answers I ended up doing what you two said and uninstalled AMD control center and all of nvidia's drivers and reinstalled AMD's drivers and all is well now.
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