PC suddenly becomes slow when i run graphic software programs

Hey there,
Lately, my PC has been having some issues when I try using graphic programs. I usually run Toon Boom Studio and Blender Game engine on this machine and it worked fine (for more than a year) until one day, the fan started spinning too loud (very annoying) so I took it to a repairer who replaced the processors cooling system with a new (from the same computer model) one but the noise persisted and the computer now displays "chassis fan not detected". Anyway, I could cope with the noise but the problem is this; the BGE now runs at a crazy frame rate (6fps) even when i disable all textures, and ToonBoom dropped to 8fps making animation impossible. I tried formatting/re-installing Windows again with all drivers but nothing seems to be working. Please, any help will be appreciated. thanks
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  1. Sounds like heat issues... what are your temps? Check GPU and CPU... what is your spec?
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