my budget is 450 euro which is around 600 dollars

hey i want to find a laptop that is good for gaming please help !
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  1. For that range, you wouldn't even find a good normal use laptop. For a desktop, you could get a decent one.
  2. The best I'd recommend is if you can find a Lenovo y500 or y510p used for that price.
  3. So do you think I should just do a biuld
  4. A PC for $600 would be fairly powerful, no?
  5. A build would give you more performance gaming/working/creatively wise. And it's also cheaper and open for upgrades.
    A 600$ can get u basics, you either can wait and save up more, or just start buying parts :)
  6. Maybe a used laptop that you can add ram and an SSD to later but really the answer is no.
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