Which gaming laptop is better? Please help me decide.

I have narrowed down my choices to these two laptops. Please tell me which one is better and why? I only play dota2. (for now) I want to play it on high settings and also I might want to plug this in to a 23 inch monitor.



If you can suggest a better one aside from the two I provided, I would love to hear what you have to say.
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  1. id get the choice B has better graphics capability
  2. so the sli on choice a is inferior to choice b. correct? :)
  3. no, that's completely wrong.
    the SLI version of option one is far more powerful than option 2.
    however option one has severe heating problems, you'd have to buy a cooling pad to get by.
    then people have complained about bugs with the SLI drivers.
    plus nvidea optimus is disabled with this 2 card configuration, so you're battery life for option 1 goes completely out the window. With option 2, you'll get 5 hours of net surfing, or around that mark.
    furthermore option 2 has a far nicer screen and much better build quality.
    you'll be able to play Dota 2 at max settings I would think, with either of them at 75+ fps. at 1080
  4. I have the y510p, the SLI drivers aren't that buggy. and battery life is decent. Lenovo's build quality is the best i have seen in the last 5+ years. lenovo is also very nice with returns and support. I would highly recommend the y510p. The laptop is really nice and if you go all out with the i7 version, it performs beautifully.
    The thing rocks.
    best of luck,
  5. I will most likely go with the Lenovo then since it is cheap here compared to the other option I mentioned. I am just concerned with the heating issues. My room has AC will that be enough to cool it? I will mostly just play Dota 2 or Diablo 3 with that lappy.
  6. Konayo said:

    oh.. this one looks yummy as well.. confused :( haha
  7. jaypeeb421 said:
    Konayo said:

    oh.. this one looks yummy as well.. confused :( haha

    It will definitely perform the best out of these 3 but it'll cost some bucks more.
  8. ac will be plenty. and as far as the y50, its just a newer model of the y510p
    best of luck,
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