i5 enough for next gen gaming?

Well Im starting to get worried about this next gen games claiming that you need an i7 to max them out and I would like a more experienced opinion, to know if its really worth to upgrade my i5 4430 3.0ghz to an i7, Thanks
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  1. Your CPU is fine. In most cases the i7 will provide no performance boost.
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    the i7 is basically the hyperthreaded version of the i5 ...that gives the i7 round about a 50% performance boost (in most cases)...however the performance gain in games is really not that significant, if at all...dont upgrade that i5 4430, its plenty fast for next gen gaming, plus i think next gen gaming is going to move away from cpus and focus more on the gpu anyways, since their compute power is alot more in other words, dont upgrade the'll be just fine
  3. Thanks for the answer guys im happy to save some money from my pocket
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