Just reinstalled windows 7 using disc, now can't find product key

Basically I reinstalled windows 7 using the disc thinking I had the product key but don't, the drives are now wiped. Is there anyway of getting to the product key such as using recovery programs etc then using keyfinders?
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  1. You need to read the key from the system's OS label (the one affixed to your PC when you bought it).
  2. Unfortunately it is my Dads custom built pc, there is no systems OS label. Also the windows 7 is a retail student edition one
  3. The good old student edition... There was an email message back in the day when Windows was purchased. That message was sent to the .edu email registered with the retailer ( needed in order to get that student edition ). That email must contain all the info needed to download the iso and the info regarding it's activation. You (or your dad) need to retrieve that email.
    Short of that, you'll have to purchase a new key from MS.
  4. Yeah thats it! It was my sisters uni email but thats long gone unfortunately. So theres absolutely no way to retrieve it even if i somehow restore the hard drive etc?
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    If the drive has been wiped, as you said (not formatted), restoring any data from it would be very difficult without professional tools and know-how. That in itself would cost you a lot more than buying a license from MS.
    Recovering data from a formatted drive yields better results, but things go downhill fast if that drive has been accessed after the format. Even under ideal circumstances, I don't think the drive can be restored to a bootable state, or even a un-corrupted registry state.
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