battlefield 3 feels slower

Hi to all,

I have this pc:

Asrock x58 extreme 6 motherboard
cpu intel i7 980x 6 cores on water
graphics r9 290 gigabyte on water
2 x 4gb 1600mhz cl9 ram
psu antec 1kw platinum
audio card asus xonar essense stx
HP ZR30W 30'' 2560 X1600 (16:10) monitor

Please bare with me as it will take a little to describe my problem.

My problem is that when in jets sometimes when i am in a dogfight with a good jet pilot i always loose no matter what. My jet feels great when i am dealing with anything on the ground or 'noob' pilots, but as soon i even see a jet with a good pilot in my radar then things get weird. My jet stops turning as it should be, sometimes turns slower and sometimes the normal fast. As soon as the enemy jet steps in my viewing area thats the time that triggers this.
Sometimes the enemy jet on the radar and where physically i see him is 2 different things. Like i see him in front of me and in the radar he is next to me for example

i have concluded in 6 possible explanations:

1. My internet provider. I have cable.Maybe this is the fault. I have heard of rumours that cable is good at slow moving hours but i didnt noticed any difference even if its 4 o clock in the morning.
2.My ram are slow..
3.My screen with the 16:10 screen. Maybe the game feels faster at 16:9 screens
4. Enemy pilot is using a glitch maybe one that can turn faster.
5. Paranoia
6. Getting old :)

I have 130 stars on jets and i pretty much knows what i am doing.
I play with 100+ fps at all times on custom graphics in the game (almost ultra)
I used to play maybe 1 year ago with a much slower pc and a different service provider and i was unbeatable on jets. Now i just feel that i diont have speed, i feel like i am stuck on the first gear going in the highway. Before even if the jet pilot was good and i was beaten my jet would still turn good and i would give a fight. There are pilots now that can literally do circles on me.


Has anyone else has the same problem as me? What solutions did you find for this if any?
Do you think there is a setting i can make to solve this?

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  1. you can use packet smoothing to smooth out a bad connection (it turns on packet duplication where less packets are sent but there all double checked)... found in the games menu's

    try using a battlefield configuration utility and limit your fps to 60 max and turn vsync on the game should smooth out
    can tune your gpu to your packet data. 60hz, 60 fps, 60 packets if you can (adjusting config files manually may be necessary) as may also help smooth things out.
  2. Hi and thanks for the quick reply,
    vsync is easily done from game menu but the others i didnt quite understood how i can adjust.
    How can i limit my hz? Arent hz and fps the same thing? And the packets? This is for the internet right?
    Is there a configuration file i can edit and how? Please clarify more
  3. Best answer
    try this this is the bf3 config app.
    it will allow you to make changes you cant normally with a bf3 config file.
    it creates as i said a config file in the main exe folder. if your unhappy with the changes and remove the bf3 app delete this config file as well.
    you can of course delete it and create a new 1 if your not happy with the results. so its not gonna harm anything.

    once open go to the console commands tab and set the max fps to 60 turn on the fps counter and enable triple buffering.
    go to the gfx settings and change the fov to 72/105 (correct for 1080p screens) if it isnt already, enable vertical sync and select hbao for amd cards/ ssao for nvidia.
    under gameplay tab uncheck auto aim (this is a switch left over from the consoles, it doesnt do anything but best set it to off.)
    save and quit. restart bf3 and the config should be active.
  4. My screen is not widescreen 16:9.
    Its 16:10 2560 x 1600
    Should i set it to 72 also?
    When i set 72 my horizontal auto sets to 99. If i set it to 105 horizontal then the vertical goes to 78.
  5. use which every give your a natural field of view. setting it to 19/10 may auto correct the fov. if not use 78 for vertical.
  6. Ok My problem is now almost 90% fixed.
    I've decided the best settings to my eyes are 100 fps, fov 78, and no vsync as this introduces some input lag.
    But i've discovered what magical setting i've used before :)
    This setting is the controller deadzone. Because i play with an xbox360 controller, setting the deadzone at very low makes turns and everything snappier. Its more difficult when aiming but at turns makes wonders.
    The only thing that remains is that sometimes the game somehow lags. It looks like an internet lag. Sometimes i see myself jumping back or front and aiming one place and then finding my aim at different spot.
    There is a setting that you change the network smoothing factor. Maybe this will help?
  7. network smoothing is in the game menus under gameplay.
    problem is its unlikely to fix it even at 100%. it sounds to me like your getting rubber banding(caused by the server being full and nott having enough excess bandwidth to cope witth high ping players). so i would suggest if its on your own server you change provider (i have used killer creation with no issues in the past.).
    if your just floating on servers then i would suggest you again try a different server from a different provider but preferably 1 with under 50 ping and good bandwidth.(trial and error for this mate sorry).
    lastley there is a way of optimizing your ping. 1 of the config files allows you to set your ping manually. problem is if you go 10pin points above or below (you manually set it to 30 and end up on a server where your ping is 45+) you will get more lag as you will constantly desync so should only be used if you use 1 server only..
  8. 50 ping? My best pings are 70-80 :) And even so my ping is not stable it goes up and down like mad reaching some times even 200.
    I am living in cyprus, an island. Here its like it rains for 5 minutes and telephones, internet and earth itself is malfunctioning.
  9. thats likely your problem with stutter mate. as your ping fluctuates packet data to and from the server is getting lost causing your game to not get an update, which in turn causes the image stutter.
    there is little you can do about this unless you can find a service provider that does cable/fiber.
    also check in the games region settings (in the battle log browser under multiplayer) and set them to places that are local to you, if the server is less than 100 miles you should have a ping of between 10 and 20, under 250 miles 15-35. ie play on local servers if you can.
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