this setup compatible

wanted to check this updated setup also open to suggestions on case just ask that it has same external drive bays and is not red.
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  1. You have a cpu heavy, gpu light build

    change the cpu to an i5 4690k and the mobo to ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 per,3824.html

    Change the R7 260X to an R9 270X

    You'd need a 500W power supply with the R9 270X. Try a Seasonic 520, XFX 550 or Antec HCG 520M
  2. so i need a better graphics card anything else what about the case
  3. The case gets complicated since certain people are stuck on color schemes however if you are willing to settle on the best airflow in the same price range then there are better options.
  4. what would you recomend
  5. anything with 4 3.5 and 1 2.5 external bays
  6. I just buy whatever case that is $20 after rebates

    Usually defaults to the Corsair 300R

    but there is a mail in rebate on the Cooler Master N600
  7. Do you mean external 3.5"?

    The selection gets crazy when you need a floppy disk drive so we might have to just let you bite the bullet and get whatever case you like.
  8. Conman270 said:
    anything with 4 3.5 and 1 2.5 external bays

    They will all have 4 x 3.5 and 1 x 2.5 internal drive bays.Check their specs.
  9. k thanks
  10. picked this one it good
  11. You seemed to be stuck on cases that comes with LED fans. You could get a good case and then install LED fans. All the cases that I am familiar with only have 3 5.25 drives for some reason. Most SSDs comes with adapters if you are worried about install a SSD also most good cases comes with hard drive cages that comes with a thing that can install 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives.
  12. Larger cases will have more drive bays.
  13. This is the most amazing case right now: Phanteks Enthoo Pro $99 windowed $89 without window - a month's wait though
  14. ned somthing that both looks cool and is functional
  15. need
  16. Best answer
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You need to look at cases. If they look OK and the price is OK, then check the specs.
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