Need Help! Dual vs Quad Intel Core i7 for Heavy Chrome User

Hi all,

I'm looking to pull the trigger on either a:
1) Thinkpad Yoga (i7-4600U dual-core, 8GB, Hybrid HDD/SSD cache) or
2) Thinkpad T440p (i7-4700MQ quad-core, 8GB, No SSD)

I don't game much or run CPU intensive things like a virtual machine. My daily usage will probably involve something like 20-40 chrome tabs open, torrent downloads in the background, maybe a MS Office program or two open, and a media server to stream movies to my TV. I might occasionally run Photoshop/Premiere along with the above.

I am leaning towards the Thinkpad Yoga since I like the different usage modes (and would like to avoid the bulk of the t440p). However, Do you think the TPY will at all slow down with my usage? In other words, will I feel like the processor/RAM can't handle what I'm doing and will think to myself I should have got the quad-core?

Thank you in advance for your help! Really appreciate it.

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    Wow that is a lot of tabs, your going to want lots of RAM and CPU horsepower to run all those.

    Get a quad core, I personally have been using a dual core i5 for all my browsing and once I have 15 webpages open on different tabs the entire computer slows down.
  2. I would find one with an i7 quad cores that you can expand ram to 16 gb at least since what you do is memory intensive.
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