Suitable games for 1600x900 resolution

Hi all, i have a screen resolution of 1600x900 and graphic card is GT210, running windows 7 on i3 2120....which games will be suitable to a smooth play, or what should i upgrade?
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  1. I'd say get a gtx 760
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    Portal 2, half life 2, f1 2013.

    What's your budget?
  3. You definitely want to upgrade your GPU. It's not able to handle today's games. Try to save for a GTX 750ti. It will max most games at 1600x900
  4. However, you should be able to play TF2, Counter Strike, Minecraft and most indie games
  5. Actually, i know not much about GPU or its price so, any suggestions of the least will be greatful, i want to go for a low cost GPU, not necessarily d best
  6. Can you post your PSU model and wattage? Right now I suggest a 760 or 750ti.
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