I need a graphics card that is equivalent to or better than the Nvidea GeForce 9600 GT. Any help is welcomed. Thank you.

I need a new graphics card. My budget is about $200.
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More about graphics card equivalent nvidea geforce 9600 welcomed
  1. R7 250x/260x/
  2. What's your PC specs ?
    PSU Model ?
    Budget ?
    Currency ?
  3. Your demands are low, a r7 240 would be a ton better even though it is the lowest card you can get for that price.

    But what is your budget? Get the best card you can for your budget.
  4. We need to know the wattage of your power supply and your budget in whatever money you use. We also need to know what your CPU model is, not just the brand.
  5. the 9600gt eats more power than a lot of today's equivalent or better cards.
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    Nvidia GTX 750 ti. really just about any card nowadays would be better. But the GTX 750 ti is prolly the fastest video card you can get without having to sorry about your power supply.
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