My computer wont read/talk to the internet but my laptop does

So here is the problem...

The internet cable (sorry I don't know what is it called since I am not good with computer techs) was connected on a router.

I had to disconnect the cable from the router so I can play internet games...

If I just unplugged the cable from the router, it will just give me LAN network notification with a warning sign on it.

This time, the router has been broken for no apparent reason.

Now, whenever I plug in the gives me LAN network notification with X sign on it.

I tried to see if the computer reads the internet via ipconfig. The computer doesn't...

Now, I use my laptop just to browse the web.

The cable blinks on the CPU.

I only have to choices from now on:

To dig up in the web...

Or to reinstall windows.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I wouldn't think a system re-install is the answer here.
    What is the make and model of the desktop computer, how old is it? What version of windows?
    How are you currently connecting your laptop to the internet?
    Have you reset the router?
    Sorry for all the questions
  2. Uh, I cannot answer the question what is the make and model of the computer since I don't know where to find it...

    It's like 2 or 3 y/o now.

    The version of windows is windows 7 professional

    like a cord, i will just plug it in (i forgot it was a canopy)

    the router is broken.

    the reason why i can use my laptop because i used system restore.

    apparently, i used the system restore in my computer but nothing changed to the status
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