550W enough for GTX 770 + FX 6300?

Hi. I'm using the XFX PRO550W PSU, and I am going to buy a GTX 770. Will my PSU be enough to power my PC with the new card?
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    I think you will be fine, I use a 600 watt PSU with an FX 8320 overclocked to 8350 levels and that alone uses twice as much power as the 6300. The 7950 I have also uses a little tiny bit more power i think. Im pretty sure you will be fine but I have no personal experience with the GeForce cards.
  2. It's recommended to get a 600W psu for a GTX 770. But I'm sure your XFX 550 will be OK.
  3. thats a fine powersupply. that xfx model is made by seasonic and seasonic is one of the top powersupply makers :)
  4. A GeForce GTX 770 NEEDS 42 amps on the 12v rail and a 550-600 watt PSU.

    The XFX 550 has 45 amps on the 12v rail and the proper PCIE power connections.

    It is sufficient to power your specs with a 770.

  5. Minimum specified on Nivida's website suggests you get something stronger (600W), but it should be fine as long as you're not pushing your system too hard (Overclocking). Also depending on the rest of your build and your CPU, you might want some more power (reliable as well, since dips in power cause performance lost or failure and could damage your components)
    P.S. i think the minimum specified is based on the core i7 (correct me if i'm wrong) so it's fine;no worries
  6. BTW if your ps go over the necessary watts you need the psu only release's the needed wattage so its not going to raise your electric bill any more than a lower watt power supply would.
  7. its not the ammount of wattage always important but the quality of the wattage
  8. iceclock said:
    its not the ammount of wattage always important but the quality of the wattage

    True but higher the cost does not always mean higher the quality I got a 700w PSU for 50$ and its great no problems an pretty small for 700w's.
  9. i know its not price related but usually better powersupplies cost more money and is a wise investment
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