Pls help, need to know what psu to use!!?

Hi guys, im confused as to what psu to get, im wonderibg 750W is good for the following system... Pls help!!!

I7 3770k @ 3.5ghz
H81 chipset on bespoke asus mother board
16gb ddr3 ram
Gtx 780 3gb gddr5
2TB 7200rpm
Dvd/rw combo
6 in 1 memory card reader

Anymore info pls ask
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  1. For a system running a single GTX 780 or a single GTX 780Ti Nvidia recommends a PSU with a Minimum of 600watts for the entire system with a minimum of 42 amps on the +12Volt rail. It isn't wattage that is the major concern,but the current (amps) that can be delivered continually on the 12V rail at an operating temp of 50C.

    Your motherboard is not able to run two video cards and probably is not going to allow for any overclocking. Therefore you can probably get by with a 620-650 watt PSU, maybe even a high quality 550-600 with enough amperage on the 12V rail.
    I like a bit of extra headroom with my systems, so your plan of going with a 750 appeals to me; but you can save a little money with a slightly less powerful unit.
    Where do you live, so we can suggest places that you can purchase from; and is there a budget.

    Update: I'm headin' to bed. Do repost, myself or someone will get back to you. In the meantime, here are a couple excellent PSUs priced really well with 5 and 7 year warranties. They are manufactured by Superflower and, I believe, Seasonic.
    Antec HCG (High Curren Gamer)
    Rosewill CAPSTONE
    An actual Seasonic;
    You probably already realize this, but it is worth my restating: DON'T CHEAP OUT on the PSU. Buy quality. If an inexpensive poorly built PSU dies on-the-job it can destroy you whole computer. This is worth looking at:
  2. Thanks soo much for responding!! Found out today that the 3770k doesn't actually fit in the socket of the motherboard (LGA1150), LOL. So I have decided to ''upgrade'' to the 4770k (which does fit) which is actually significantly cheaper haha. (I'm still learning! being only 16 there is a lot to know but i know a fair bit already to be honest)

    The PSU I have chosen is excellent for both price and quality, and its by corsair, here is the link:

    I hope to get this but I might downgrade to a 700W but I just don't want to underpower my system, in terms of AMPS it is also fine. But I don't intend to overclock, much. I do want to round up the 4770k to 4.0GHz(from the TB 3.9GHz) for aesthetic reasons and blagging rights haha; I'm hoping this won't tax my system nor the processor. I come from Essex but the main market I wish to buy from is ebuyer,scan,amazon etc or Currys/PC world (UK) but PCworld/Currys is often the most pricey for the same thing. Newegg isn't something I like because it is American and can be costly for shipping when shipping is free on a british site you know . My budget is more, anything good for the cheapest possible, although it's fair to say my system is hardly a budget, in fact all this is more upgrades to a system which has a lot less GPU power as i want to be able to Video edit 1080p, game with ease, in a dual monitor setup, both being 1080p. Also, I'm aware of the implications of dodgy PSUs, which is why I am strictly going with brands that are well known such as Corsair etc.

    With all that said, I have a couple of questions,

    Would the 780gtx be bottlenecked by a 4440s (systems default cpu) and the 4770k like would either one bottleneck it? Separately I mean haha
    What PSU would be good for the system I stated before only with a 4770k?

    Thanks for your response, much appreciated, sorry for writing a novel.
  3. do not buy the rm series its been said theres some batches that have bad caps

    get this instead :)

    if u can afford it get the 4770k it will futureproof ur machine more with hyperthreading support :)

    and if u can only afford a 4440s id still get the 750watt for future upgrades :)
  4. Yes thanks haah that PSU is good plus it is cheaper so thanks.
    Would the 780gtx be bottlenecked by a 4440s (systems default cpu) and the 4770k like would either one bottleneck it? Separately I mean haha
    What PSU would be good for the system I stated before only with a 4770k?
  5. id recommand you get the same powersupply and get the 4770k for futureproofing if u can afford it :)
  6. yh haha i can afford it, actually its better than I thought in terms of price, but the question still remains, would the 4440s bottleneck the 780 gtx? this is important that i know this. But i am glad u mentioned the fact that it would future proof it as this would be nice. Also would the given set up with the 4770k and the 780 gtx would that be able to run games at max settings?
  7. it would a bit. but would still work well together. just saying 4770k alot better in this situation :) since u can overclock the 4770k and eliminate any future bottlenecks :)
  8. yes max u could sir
  9. Awesome ahah I have a god few questions but the next one is: how to find out the clock speed of my ram cos I want 2*8GB 1600mhz sticks in there so could you tell me how to find out like where to go in the computer?
  10. download cpu-z to tell u the exact ram speed.
  11. thanks you know a lot about this stuff dont u haha
  12. what is the amd equivalent to the 4770k?
  13. Martino1994 said:
    what is the amd equivalent to the 4770k?

    AMD doesn't have an equivalent to the i7-4770K.
  14. lols fair enough hahah i was just thinking if they had something cheaper that does the same thing u know haha
  15. ALso can u tell me about how RAM works as their is a lot to know about it, so could u explain it to me in simple form?
    u know haha
  16. regarding latencies etc
  17. thanks
  18. if you require more help let me know thanks :)
  19. iceclock said:
    if you require more help let me know thanks :)

    Actually, would it be possible for me to have a cpu with good intergrated graphics say the A10-5800K and use gddr5 ram and still get great graphics performance? Like the ps4 and xbox one?
  20. theres only ddr3 sir no such thing as gdrr5 ram.

    no with an integrated graphic solution u will not get ps4 or xbox-1 graphics u need a dedicated graphic card for this sir
  21. LOL would a 4770k bottleneck a 780 sli?
  22. Apologies, for not acknowledging your response in the last message. That is interesting, what you said though, but the PS4 has GDDR5 RAM and 8GB of it according to sony: ( ) ? So, although the PS4 does have a separate GPU, how come it doesn't have separate DDR3 RAM then? hmm? sir? hahah LOL.
  23. thats not a computer tho.

    ddr4 isnt even supported yet.

    so dont think about ddr5 yet :)
  24. Lol fair enough but need to know this real quick, would a 780 sli bottleneck a stock 4770k with turbo boost on? I need to know this and i need an accurate answer not that ur others werent haha :) thanks for response btw and sorry for not replying very quickly
  25. ^^^ or even with turbo boost off?
  26. no it would not be bottlenecked btw 1 780ti would be better than 2x780s tbh.
  27. Im soo bloody glad u told me that because being the genius i am i was gonna soend £200 more, for two 780s, dude ur a fricking hero, and an absolute legend ice clock wow.hehe
    Have a beer on me like damn... Hehe :D

    No but after some investigative work i have found it would be better for me to get the 780 ti anyways, not only is it a beast but it has the same power requirements so i dont need to change my psu, which is ace!!! Also this thing is a beast at 1080p and the chances are i wont go any higher because i dont want to spend the money at the moment. Like all the benchmarks i have read have shown that it has the ability to go over 100fps at max settings and stuuf like wow, dude if i was gay i would kiss u but due to technology limitations and the fact im not gay, im not going to but yh ur epic!!!
  28. So my question is this, would the 4770k have any issues with this? Hehe btw this the max price of gpu i want to go ngl this is getting expensive but luckily the price isnt changing that much from what it was before, omg cant say how glad i am u told me like wow :D :D :D
  29. no the 4770k would go nicelywith a 780ti
  30. cool hehe then that's what i shall i get so yh thanks :D nw i dont have to worry about heat etc right? hahah
  31. Hope u dont mind me asking but how do u know all this?
  32. ive been using a computer since im 4 years old now im almost 30 do the math :D
  33. LOL hahah
  34. ok then (i feel like a pest everytime i type a question :/ ) answer me this then can u link me to a benchmark i can expect for simcity for the 780 ti? pls cant find any :/ :D
  35. witch simcity?
  36. The newest one, simcity 2013

    im guessing close to what the titans getting as performance anything else :)
  38. Dude that is a 850w psu why would that be better than the one i suggested to u???
  39. Semi Modular Bitfenix 750Watt 80+Gold PSU is what I put in my latest gaming rig. I'm only running a 770 and not a 780ti so I don't know if it would be suitable but I haven't had any issues with it :)
  40. fair dos, but Ice clock, how is that one better than the one i have suggested?
  41. Best answer
    Ok just as note:

    You have a very overclockable CPU that is going to sit on a mobo that can't overclock the CPU.

    If you aren't going to ever ever overclock then use the cpu that doesn't have the K in it.

    My assumption is that you will want to, at some point, overclock that beast of yours... and so you should. You should look at a z97 type motherboard and one that seats the cpu in the middle of the board to allow for gigantic air coolers like the noctua NH-D14(which still reigns as King Of Coolers). Most mobos have really easy one button push overclock options for you to play with.

    Then look at the geforce 780 and instantly change your mind to go with the 780 ti. Just do it, that way you'll have the best performing card that will last you for a really really long time. It will need a PSU that can offer an 8 pin and supplement 6 pin to power it and it requires 250W peak on that rail. This will mean that getting a good efficient PSU and hitting the "sweet spot" in terms of Wattage output will be majorly important to you.

    By "sweet spot" I mean that you want to have a PSU that isn't being stressed all the time and you need to make allowance for a drop in efficiency and the eventual drop in total wattage output that will occur. As a minimum you want to aim for 80+gold and I would really recommend you start at a stable 750W PSU. Going with an unstable 1000W cheapy will be detrimental and akin to establishing a gambling habit with your expensive hardware ;)
  42. wow thanks Mightyboy lol hehe thanks a ton sorry if it sounded like i was fobbing u off last time lol. :D but are you saying that this PSU would be good? The thing I'm worried about now is if it should fit in my chassis lol my chassis is 36cm * 17.3cm * 40cm (H*W*D) so yh. Thanks for yur response and your computer knowledge is of great help LOL :D
  43. And im using az 4770k and 780ti btw haha
  44. That PSU looks perfect for your needs :)

    Go forth and conquer!

    because the cx series isnt made of quality parts and is made by seasonic one of the best powersupply makers in the world. easy
  46. The XFX is going to be the better PSU out of the two. I always adore staring at awesome PSU's... cos I'm weird I suppose.
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