Intel i5-4670K vs AMD FX-8350 For Folding @ home

Which of these Processors will perform better for Folding@home ?

And will the AMD FX provide more longevity due to the extra cores and the utilization of these cores for future applications?

Thanks in advance for any replies..

Considering upgrading from a Phenom ii X4 955

I don't believe either chip is compatible with my motherboard so will have to change her out if I do decide to upgrade :(
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    Here is a link - copy and paste it:[]=1921&cmp[]=1780&cmp[]=2027

    Now consider whether Folding@home uses multiple CPU's (multi-threads) or single-threads one task.

    Then consider whether the additional 41W TDP of the FX-8350 is worth that marginal increase in multi-tasking performance.

    Finally, I added the higher-end Intel CPU that has a substantial increase in performance (and price) for the same TDP - at least if you buy the high-end Intel it gets you substantial performance improvement for that price. it'd be a much smarter long-term investment of your money to spend it in calculations rather than in energy costs that you them have to cool away again.

    I'll also leave you with a question: I thought many of these distributed computing projects now allows exploiting GPUs? If so that may be a much more viable option.
  2. The i5 will net you around 16-18K while the 8350 will be 11-15k.

    If you are serious about it a high end GPU is the best for PPD/Watt at the moment.

    Here is a ->link<- to Tom's folding thread. There are some good guides linked on the first page but if you want to join the conversation just jump to the end.
  3. Intel is better
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