Could someone help me!

I have the GTX 750Ti SC installed (disabled old gpu driver), but when i booted the pc it gave three beeps, and two short beeps. This is my computer: I have upgraded the PSU to CX500M. The PSU works fine!
Is the card dead or broken?
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  1. I will make a video.
  2. Don't. Just tell us what the beeps mean.
  3. the led and beep codes are in the link i gave , see if you can tell us which one it is then we can narrow down your problem
  4. Oh to late, already made one there are 2 different errors? You can see it in this video:
  5. why did you stop the music in the video , i was just about to bust a move :)
  6. Does anyone has a solution :(?
  7. What do the beeps mean? We gave you the info. (wiki)
  8. I have no idea, because i'm not a expert! :??:
  9. Best answer
    6 beeps is definately your card , can u try the card in another pc to be sure it is ok , it may be defective ?
    also try removing the card and reseating it and ensuring the power cables are connected properly
    let me know how you get on
  10. It's not defective, its tested on a other computer. And there are no power cables to da GPU!
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