free nas box issues with hard disk drive's

my free nas box reports endless errors with 3 of my hard drives and i cant pin the source apart from the fact that they were used with a broken sata cable (wasnt aware of the issue for weeks and gave up and then found the answer on here in fact) so now that its fixed i tried to use them and they respond normally and smart and other tools work fine and they all formatted without issues but as soon as they are put into use they glitch out and the drives come up as write error inflicted or worse dammaged or even worse they just disconnect i was wondering if anyone knew an answer?
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  1. what kind of hard drives?
  2. two seagate 2tb drives witch windows marks as perfect in every way and one drive (500gb laptop hdd) that i have just hit smart issues with in the last 5 minutes after i hot swapped to it
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