preparing for next gen gaming

Just i ok for upcoming next gen gaming or shud i upgrade something?

Cpu- fx8120
Gpu- r9 290 tri x
mobo- sabertooth 990fx
ram- vengence 8gb ddr3 1600mhz
psu - xfx pro 650w

want to make sure im fully prepared for next few years...also i have a hdd, would it be worth upgrading tp a ssd. will that make much difference to in game performance? advance
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  1. Personally I would upgrade to an i5 or even an i7 for your cpu and yes to an SSD.
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    Your core components should be good for a while, I would say go for the SSD if you can. They are pretty cheap now and yes they do make quite a difference in loading.

    A lot of games are actually loading different parts of the levels as you appoach them so having a really fast hard drive is a good thing.
  3. An SSD will make 0 difference in gaming performance as far as fps, but I can honestly say it's the greatest upgrade I've done in years. Everything becomes almost immediate including load times for games and within the game. If you like reading the loading pages with tips in your games don't get an SSD because they basically disappear.
  4. Get an fx 8350 and a cooler, overclock it and you should be fine
  5. your CPU is fairly week, if you want to keep the same mobo, go for a FX-8320
  6. AS much as id prefer an intel cpu there no way im changing over as i cant afford that. Ill defo be knvesting in a ssd then :) any suggestions to which one? cheap and quality if pos?
  7. Oh ok...Hoping my cpu wud be ok :( what if i get cooler and oc this one?
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