Hard Disk doesn't work in new computer and appear blue screen

I have recently built a new computer and move my hard disk from my old computer to the new one.

Once I start the new computer, it seems fine.
But once the windows is loading, my computer become blue screen...

I have tested that the hard disk appear blue screen when only it is put in the new computer.

Where is the problem?
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    The new computer must have a new Operating System (Windows). After you get it running fine, connect the old hard disk from the old computer and save all files that you want to keep. Then format the old hard disk NTFS. Then, if the disk is fine (not corrupted) it will work.
  2. Taking a drive from an old PC to a new PC, with the OS on it...yes, this is what often happens.
    Reinstall the OS.
  3. Hi 572
    if your HDD is setup with windows on it from your old pc and you move it to a new pc , as long as the motherboard and chipset etc etc are all the same windows will boot fine
    if the motherboards , chipsets etc are different on the new computer it will crash and bsod , you will have to reinstall windows on the new pc
  4. Or just boot windows in safe mode and uninstall all drivers once you get to desktop. You can also remove most devices from device manager. Reboot, and you should be able to get to desktop and install drivers for your new hardware.

    I first saved all the stuff I want in a USB,
    and then convert hard disk to NTFS format. (Which could be found in Source1 )

    After moving the hard disk to the new computer,
    In the installation of windows 8, I create a hard disk partition by deleting all the old stuff in my hard disk .
    Finally OK.

    Source1 :

    Thank you for your answers above, it really does help
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