Is 16GB of RAM worth buying in my situation?


So I have 8GBs of RAM now and that's just fine for gaming (what I use my pc for mostly).
I like drawing and I draw with Photoshop, now when you want good quality you need to use pretty big dimensions in Photoshop and that seems to be using up all my memory.
Most of the time I also have some music open and some reference for drawing
and almost every time windows says it's running out of memory and Photoshop is using all of it.

I also like video editing but when it's a pretty big project I'm working on it does the same thing as Photoshop and just closes.

As I said before this isn't really a problem for gaming but recently I've started playing Wildstar and It's also using all my memory and closes when it's using everything.

I've read in some posts that 8GB is as much as you need, and 16GB isn't worth buying.
But in my situating is it worth it? Is there another way to change this? I know closing unused programs and services is one of those things, but I need everything open that is open at that time.

I've also scanned for malware and such but that doesn't seem to be doing much.

Currently I have this build:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i7-2600K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Patriot Memory G2-series DDR3 8GB
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  1. You could definitely benefit from it, especially if you use a lot of heavy threaded programs. Especially with video editing etc :)
  2. Sure go ahead and buy 16Gb if you are running out of memory then you need more regardless of what other say.
    8Gb is recommended for gaming because you can spend the money you save on a better graphics card, but since you use Photoshop too an upgrade to 16Gb will be worth it.
  3. Go into task manager, processes tab, and click on the memory button to sort programs by which is using the most memory, and then take a screenshot and post it here, it might be PS and Itunes and whatever else using all your memory, but you could be running a lot of hidden programs in the background.
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    if your gonna use photoshop by all means buy 16gbs highly useful for video editing and photo manipulation and such usage.
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