SLI Gigabyte GTX 780 with Gigabyte GTX 780 OC or Gigabyte GTX 780 TI


7 Months ago i bought my Gigabyte GTX 780 with plans of getting another Gigabyte GTX 780.

but now its hard to find GTX 780 non ti so i was wondering if its OK to SLI them with Gigabyte GTX 780 OC or Gigabyte 780 TI.

what are the advantage or disadvantages of doing it.
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  1. sli-ing with the gx 780 oc would be fine sir ;)
  2. it would work with the 780 OC because it´s the same card with a factory overclock, just OC the card you have now and you´ll technically have 2 780 OCs
    but a 780 won´t work with a 780ti.

    PS: also remember that your PSU needs to be able to handle it :D
  3. OK thanks , but why i cant SLI with 780 TI ?
    i know the 780 OC has a little bit diffrence on - > Base / Boost clock954 / 1006 MHz

    i forgot to say that i have 1000W Antec modular PSU ;) will it handle two cards ?
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    ya that wont change anything both cards will sync together roi susi and ya the gtx 780 and 780i dont sli together :P

    also that 1000watt powersupply is good enought sir.,18.html

    very nice fps :)
  5. ok thx all :) I have 1 more question , is GTX780 will work on 4k full resolution , i read that the digital output on HDMI cable is 2560x1600.
  6. with a different display connection yes.
  7. iceclock said:
    with a different display connection yes
    what do you mean ?
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