What is does "Tray" mean in CPU terms?

TL;DR: What does "Tray" in "Intel Core i5 4670 Tray" mean?

I have been saving up for a new gaming desktop. I have already picked most parts, but the final element I am looking into is the cooling. I may want to overclock the CPU after I bought everything, so I need an after-market cooling system. Traditional(air) cooling will probably not do a very good job in cooling it when its overclocked, so I want water cooling. I am already looking into water cooling systems.

To gather all my hardware and info on each piece, I am using a website called (its a Dutch website, though, so you probably dont need to look over there). Very good site, with almost all hardware on the market, and you can even see all reputable shops that sell the hardware, and with reviews on everything. But theres one thing that bothers me. On the website, there are two entries for the processor I want(Intel Core i5 4670), one marked "Boxed" and the other marked "Tray". I already know what Boxed means; it comes with stock cooling, which I dont want. So does "Tray" mean that it doesnt come with cooling? And, if not, what does it mean then?
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    Tray is just the CPU without a cooler and with shorter warranty. Box means comes with cooler and full 3 year warranty.
  2. Tray means sold by the thousand, just CPUs in trays instead of pretty packaging. Also no cooler. Usually consumers can't buy these; they go to OEMs.

    It's possible your store is buying a couple of trays of them to offer a better deal.
  3. Tray means it comes without a cooler and without a box:
    Tray-CPUs a typically more expensive, then the boxed ones. Get the boxed version, install the stock cooler and replace it with another, when the system works!
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