Does my mother board (GigaByte GA-8I915P-D) support 1 TB / 2 TB sata hard disk?

Hi, I need some info on a new 2TB hard disk

My system details are
Platform : Intel
Mainboard : GigaByte GA-8I915P-D
4 x Serial ATA connectors

Northbridge : Intel® 915P
Southbridge : Intel® ICH6

CPU: LGA 775 for Pentium® 4 Processor
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  1. Excuse me, already my mother boad (GigaByte GA-8I915P-D) is supporting 1TB sata hard disk, is it support 2TB or higher volume Hard DISK?!!
  2. if you have the SATA connectors then its no problem at all, whats your PSU
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