CM hyper 212 evo performing same as intel stock fan at stock speeds!?

Before purchasing the 212 I had a the stock fan on my i5 4670k. Intel turbo boost was activated so the cpu would always be anywhere from 800mhz to 3.8ghz. While running passmark the max temperature would be in the mid 70's and at idle I would expect 30-35 degrees.

The 212 with a max rpm of 1600rpm that i have now sits at 30 degrees at idle- already a little disappointing. With passmark running i would get- you guessed it- mid 70's. I also used arctic cooling mx4 paste on it- which requires no cure time and is one of the best performing pastes available.

All benchmarks id seen made me think this would significantly lower my temps so i could try overclocking. But its performing only 1 or 2 degrees better at best.

Did i do something wrong when I fitted it?
Is it due to the slightly slower rpm of the eu version?
Whats wrong with it, i know the performance should be a lot better than this.
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    Its either not installed properly (most likely) or you used too much or too little thermal paste.
  2. its either your case cooling configuration or most like you not applying the thermal paste properly. What you could try is wipe the old one off with some isopropyl alcohol 99% and then apply the paste again, this might help
  3. recheck the instal and see if you use the back plate for the socket you have with the right stand off and a pea spot for the paste .
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