random 1 second lag spikes ?

Ok so i just got back from Florida and i did not have this problem before i left but here it is so like i said i just got back and i played some rounds on bf4 and got this random lag that lasted like legit 1-2 seconds like a mini screen freeze that just fuckes everything it drops my fps from 85 to like 32 for 1-2 and this happens like 16 times ever 3 mins what is going on ? i have a GTX 770 and a FX 8350
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    The FX-8350 is a hot chip and AMD chips don't like heat. It could possibly be a heat issue. Are you overclocked? If so, make certain you have adequate cooling and that your processor isn't getting so hot that it is throttling. Your motherboard may also have a high socket temperature, which will throttle as well if it gets too hot. Do not forget about GPU temperatures, though. For the trip to Florida, a lot of dust could have built up in your PC. Clean out all dust and try again.
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