Port Forwarding problems.

I want to create a server for Mount and Blade.
I did it before and it worked.
Yesterday i tryed to make server and i got message that i didnt port forward 7240 port....
I went to my router page and i saw there that i port forwarded..... i have no ideas what could happend.
One month ago i insstaled AVG.I was thinking that my Firewall blocked port so i went to firewall and i saw that some shity AVG Internet Security is controling that problem or is some other problem :( pls help me
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    You said you did it before. Has anything else changed since you did it last (new ISP, new modem, new router)? If not then it is probably your AVG security software. You should be able to go into the AVG config and change it to allow your port.
  2. No i didnt change anything i only got AVG....i will check that :)
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