Question about my setup (all comments welcome)

Hi! Just had a question about gaming for the next yr or so on my current rig.
(keep in mind I built this for $500 due to a low budget)
gigabyte GAz97-sli
G.skill 8gb ram (1x8)
Gtx 660 oc Twin Frozr
corsair h100 (non I)
seasonic x series 850w fully modular.
for hd I just have an old cavier black 160gb I will be buying an ssd within the next couple months.
My biggest question is do you feel i'm set for gaming for at least the next yr? the 660 I picked up was only 60 bucks no issues still has 2 yrs on warranty. (buddy was gonna sell me his 680 cheap but his other build fell through). ive really just been playing dayz SA (but I know its not optimized well lol)
im not sure if I was going to pick up another 660 and run SLI or if I would just sell it for a quick buck and go with a 770 later or get whatever is new and shiney when I upgrade.
Oh and I purchased the z97 in a bundle deal lol so yes I know it works for oc but the cpu doesn't. I got the ram cpu and mobo for 380 bucks so I couldn't pass it up.
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  1. oh and the reason it was only 500 is bc I had a few of the items from my old rig ha ha really just new cpu mobo ram gpu and paid 80 bucks for my obsidian 800d
  2. 850 watt is too much for that system a 550 to 600 watt is enough ..and get a 2 x 4gb ram instead of 8 gb for better performence. gtx 660 is a good card and i think u will fine for the next yr ..may be u have to turn of the shadows and antialising a bit but that doesn't makes a great difference in grafix...
  3. thanks prit I had the 850w already lol so I just threw it in. I was going to sell the 8gb and pick up a 2x4 (well attempt to sell lol) but I think what ill end up doing is just saving up and getting another 8gb
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    yes u can do that but i must tell u adding another 8 gb will not improve your fps in games...currently you are using 160 gb of hdd so i will recommend u to buy another 1 tb in the future upgrade the way 60$ for a gtx 660 is awesome a new one would cost u around 180$ - 190 $...i wish i could get something like that for the same price :P... happy gaming :)
  5. Well got a buddy trading me his adata xpg 2x4 1600 cl9 for my gskill woot so now ill be back to dual channel he he
  6. Lol I got a few buddies who buy the latest stuff every chance they get so I hunt for leftovers ha ha. This is the first cpu
    've ever bought new. I definitely need a new hhd, I'm picking up a 120g Samsung 840 for 70 bucks so ill use that for a few programs (windows etc.)then upgrade the hhd to a 1tb.
    I figured for a budget build I'm pretty happy and now that I'm getting 2x4 ram I'll be a bit happier
  7. lucky u :D those are some pretty good leftovers :P
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