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I have a Lenovo (Iomega) ix2-DL NAS with a single 4TB harddrive in one of the bays, the other bay is empty. Typically over my home network I get around 100MB/s transfer speed; it is a well maintained gigabit network. However, when I transfer to my new NAS I only get around 25MB/s.

I have conducted tests and can confirm that transferring the same 8GB file from the source HDD to an SSD on another wired computer I get about 100MB/s, but this same file from the same source HDD peaks at only 25MB/s to the NAS. I have ensured the NIC on the source machine is configured to gigabit full duplex, and I have also tried enabling Jumbo Frames on the NIC and in the settings for the NAS, but this seemed to reduce the transfer speed.

I am looking for any help from anyone who has this particular NAS or general tips that may apply to any NAS. I have seen people complain about the speed of this NAS, but I have also found others who claim to get around 100MB/s transfer speeds.

I transfer from both an Windows 8.1 desktop and an OSX Mavericks MacBook. The 4TB drive I have in the NAS shouldn't not be the limited factor because I had it in a USB 3.0 enclosure prior to the NAS and was getting around 70MB/s, which seems be the practical peak of USB 3.0.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. ...are you up to date with firmware?

    Mostly the limiting factor on these small NAS devices is the CPU and RAM.

    What is your download speed back to the computer from the NAS?
  2. Yes, the firmware is up to date and the transfer speed from the NAS to the PC is about 50BM/s. So essentially twice as fast, but still no where near the 100MB/s I typically get.
  3. Does this NAS have a monitor in its web admin?

    I've used various NAS and most do. Can you monitor its system usage to see if anything is peaking on upload versus download?
  4. There doesn't appear to be a comprehensive readout of the real time hardware usage. Do you think I'd see any speed increase if I put another drive in and set them to RAID 0? I'm thinking it is probably a limitation of the RAM/CPU like you mentioned before, but am not sure if RAID 0 will make any difference.
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    I doubt it. The only other thing to try woyuld be an SSD, but that would not change the thruoghput of the system if it is a hardware limit you are not seeing.

    I'm using a rig built on FreeNAS. ( the actual system is an A8 w/ 16GB RAM and 2 3TB drives in RAID0, the OS is on a Flash drive so the HDD's are all storage. I get pretty good up/download speeds. The FreeNAS iso is free and th whole system only cost me about $500 (less actually, I just do not totally remember)

    I will do an up/down test and add it here.
  6. Uploaded the CENTOS6.5 ISO (4.3GB) in under 60 seconds, Windows task manager Networking tab read about 99% (99MB/s) for 90% of the transfer...

    Downloading same file, averaging about 70% (70MB/s) download capacity...

    All Gigabit hardwired network, through main router and a switch to/from NAS using this machine, a 3ish year old i7 Windows 7 64bit...
  7. Thanks for all your help. I wish I could afford to build a dedicated machine just for file transfers, but I can't. Been looking at online reviews and I found a few units that seem to offer faster speeds and are in my price range.

    Again, thanks for your help. If it wasn't for your input I may have chalked my issue up to something else.
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