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Ok i'm buying a new laptop for the summer to game on, but i dont play the latest games, i play less demanding online games like, Begone, BSGO, Tera rising, and basically youtube and surfing the web. I have 3 options at my local Stores.

Amd a8-1.6-2.4 ghz , 6 gb ddr3 (4gb and 2 gb) , Amd radeon 7600G

Intel Core i3-3130M 2.6GHz with Intel HD Graphics 4000 , 4gb ddr3l (1: 4gb stick)

Intel Pentium quad core 2.2-2.5 ghz, Intel HD 4000, 4gb ddr3l (1: 4gb stick)

Amd a8 2.0-2.8 ghz, radeon 7640G, 4gb ddr3l (1: 4gb stick)

In terms of frames, which is best? Will the i3 make a BIG difference over the quad pentium? And does the dual channel ddr3 ram of the First amd give it an advantage over the single channeled ones? (ddr3l)( i dont mind the heat and power consumption differences)

If i am upgrading anything it will be till christmas so plz reply on the info above excluding upgrades.
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    The bottom computer will give the best gaming results assuming each has the same resolution screen. This is VERY important to know as well as it GREATLY affects performance.
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