Freshly Installed Windows 7 32 Bit Keeps Freezing

Today i decided that it was time to part ways with my trusty windows xp and upgrade into the famous windows 7. Installation was simple and quick no problems there, but then when i restarted my computer again after several minutes of use my computer would freeze up and i would have to hard reset my computer. At first i thought it was video drivers issue so i went to the NVIDIA website to find drivers for my GPU. computer stopped freezing for about 40 minutes after that then randomly it would freeze again. Then i used the windows error check to check if my hard drive had any problems,waited for around 20 minutes and computer rebooted itself. Then i tried to install windows updates and after it was finished my computer rebooted itself again so i thought that the problem was gone, i proceed to go on youtube to watch a video andmy computer freezes again. At this point im too tired and frustrated to do anything anymore so i decided to ask here and get helps from the experts.

Computer Specs:
Motherboard: P4M9007MB-8RS2H
RAM: 2x1GB
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 210
PSU: Antec VP-450
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700

please do not hesitate to ask if you need more information about my computer, thanks for taking your time reading this and trying to help! ^^
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  1. Did you install Windows 7 drivers from Foxconn website (chipset driver first)? [assuming they have any for Windows 7].
  2. I checked earlier they did not have any drivers that are for windows 7 for my board, they only have drivers for windows xp and windows vista
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