What could cause three new cable modems to permanently fail three times in three days?

HI there. I am working for a small business handling their I.T. We have Time Warner Cable Business Class Internet. There was a storm last week, and we lost internet. I found there was no internet going to the modem, so I replaced it with a DOCSIS 3.0 modem (twc approved). The internet was back up and running for a day, and then down again. I called TWC again, and they said there was no problems with the service, and that it was a hardware issue. So I figured it was a faulty modem, so I replaced it again. Same thing happened, it worked and then failed later that night. Did this once again, same results. Has anyone ever heard of something like this, and do you have any suggestions for me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Check the outlet you are plugging them into. The storm might have damaged it which is killing your modems.
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    From my limited non-professional experience, it sounds like a registration issue of the modems on TWs systems.

    If up time is the highest priority here, the most direct route seems to be proving or disproving TW's "hardware issue" diagnosis. I'd pickup a TW rental modem and give it a try. If the internet still fails, then it will force TW to step up their efforts. If the modem provides steady internet then you have time to track down the error while maintaining service. The worst the client will face is a months rental charge.

    My personal experience with owning cable modems is that Comcast offers terrible customer support for them, presumably TW is about the same. They will tell me my modem is properly registered on their system when it is not. The phone technical support say I must register the modem to the local store, where the rep will tell me it can only be dealt with over the phone. Documenting names dates and time of all conversations help in escalating the problem from a script reader to a properly trained tech.
  3. TWC should have properly grounded their cable system. A bad ground can cause issues.
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