need to know which connectors to use for case fans

i have a cooler master haf 912 it comes with two 120mm cooler master fans it has three different connectors it has a 3 pin connector for the motherboard and two different connectors that i think look like molex female and molex male four pin connectors the main connection is two wires coming from the male connector and then four wires going to the female connector, i was wondering if i used the psu would i have to use both of the molex connectors or would i only have to use one of those connectors female or male thankyou for your help
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    If I remember correctly the 3 pin connector has 1 wire on it which is the rpm detector. You plug that into the system fan header.
    The molex on the fan provides power to the fan. It is a pass-thru model so on end will plug into a molex from your psu and the other end can plug into a device that needs molex power. This way the fan doesnt use up a molex connector on you. Yes you can plug the other fan into the first molex (which is plugged into the psu. This is called daisy chaining or stacking.

    PSU---> >--- fan molex--> >--- fan Molex----> >--- IDE Drive
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