Connect indoor antenna to HDTV with only one coax input

My Bravia KDL-40EX521 has only one coax input. I want to install an indoor antenna to receive local broadcasts in HD, but the coax input is occupied by TV wall cable that provides cable channels without a set top box. How can I install my antenna in this situation without diabling my cable channels provided by my apartment bldg.
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    All cable companies are required by law to include the local OTA stations but in clear QAM encoding, no antenna is needed. Just tune in the station.
    19-1 will still be on 19-1 for example. Please note that not all tv's can tune in both cable and qam channels without changing modes so please see your owners manual for the tv for instructions.
  2. If popatims solution doesn't work you can get one of these:
    but you may have a problem with your TV not having scanned and stored all the channels from both sources.
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