Buying myself a new 1080p monitor, but i'm stuck between IPS 60hz vs TN 120hz

Greetings forum!

I'm kind of in a bucked right now :(. I want to get myself a new monitor but sadly have no idea on what type monitor I should go with.

I went ahead and picked these 2 monitors. One being IPS and the other being TN.

Dell Ultrasharp U2414H
BenQ XL2420T

The issue i'm falling in right now is that I want to have a nice upgrade from my Synchmaster 2333T. So I'm not a competitive gamer. I play games for fun and don't just play one genre.

Most of my friend own a TN panel because they play CoD, DotA a lot, something which I don't.

I'd like to get some opinions about this. Maybe some suggestions even and things I might not know about IPS / TN.
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  1. question - can your cpu and graphics card produce more than 60fps in the games you play?
    otherwise waste of money and the 120hz ones usually have worse image quality than the ips..
    keep in mind most monitor's refresh rates can be overclocked using nvidia control panel and aftermarket software if you have amd (i couldnt get it to work tho)
    my SyncMaster BX2231 goes up to 84HZ that way ... but anything past 75hz is slowly starting to lose image quality
    so i keep it @ 75 ... btw contrast is better than on 60hz ... i dont know why but with nvidia cards 60hz looks greyish...
    and i have a FX-6350 @ 4.5 ghz and (had) a GTX770 and most games maxed out were below 75fps most of the time so no point in a 120hz monitor at all unless i'd run older less demanding games or lower settings...

    one advantage tho - you would be able to play with Vsync off and not get the distortion lines across screen when your fps swings from below to above your refresh rate .. since most games woudn't run over 120fps anyway
  2. I see. I just found out that the Dell monitor has a 8ms grey to grey. Same as my current monitor. Personally I've never complained because I've never had anything else.

    In general is 8ms even any good for playing casually like Battlefield 4, RTS games, CoD, DotA? Let's say I play all kinds of games including a lot of indies.
  3. not too good i think.. but maybe it's fine
    my monitor has 2ms -
    but in reality normal operation it has more ... you have 3 settings for response:
    normal / faster / fastest
    fastest is probably the 2ms one but it produces some image artefacts / ghosting

    like explosions or looking at sun and moving around you will see a little bit of black added to the shiny parts...
    so i keep it on normal and turn on fastest if i play battlefield multiplayer etc. - you can see clearer while moving the mouse that way

    trouble is i don't know what response time the "normal" has so i can't advise... but it is enough for gaming... just not "as good"
  4. Zyre said:

    In general is 8ms even any good for playing casually like Battlefield 4, RTS games, CoD, DotA? Let's say I play all kinds of games including a lot of indies.

    i use the "fastest" response setting only for competitive FPS shooters... only when you turn around quickly theres a real benefit ... for other types of games or most single player campaigns not necessary
  5. Personally 8ms GTG would be unacceptable. If your rig can run above 60fps at your desired settings I'd recommend going for a 120/144hz monitor. The difference is extremely noticeable especially in FPS games. Even if you are playing at around 60 fps, a faster refresh rate is going to give a smoother experience.

    If blur and tearing are bothering you, as opposed to just stuttering frame rate, you will wanted a faster refresh rate in an upgrade. If you just want an improved color gamut then a 60hz IPS monitor seems the way to go. But 8ms is like TV levels of response time isn't it? I'm a total ASUS VG248QE fanboy, if you want an exact monitor recommendation.
  6. yeah actually... i checked - an old samsung 4:3 monitor i have laying around the house has 5ms ... and mine still looks sharper on the "normal" setting... so i wouldn't go for 8ms .. those things are more for productivity than gaming
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