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Which Video Card Should I Buy?

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
a c 123 U Graphics card
June 29, 2014 7:25:39 PM

depends............ 290X is 2 - 15 fps more than the 290 depending on the game. 780 falls near them sometimes, other times to the lower. I think I would get the 290X.

Best solution

a c 428 U Graphics card
June 29, 2014 7:28:07 PM

The prices pretty much explain it. The 290X offers the most performance of the 3, however the others do fall close. If you have the money to spend the 290x is the best of the 3.
a c 247 U Graphics card
June 29, 2014 7:42:07 PM

Depends ..... outta the box or overclocked "Bawlz to the Wall" ...ranked by performance....

780 Ti OC
780 Ti / 780 OC
290x OC
290X / 290 OC

One not in ya list is the 780 Ti .... at the regular prices I wouldn't include it, but at $600 (w/ Watchdogs) , I think the MSI 780 Ti is a's the best rated card at techpowerup (9.9 rating) since the Asus 670 DCII TOP

MSI's GTX 780 Ti is almost too good to be true. The card comes overclocked out of the box, to 1020 MHz base clock, which, thanks to Boost 2.0, runs the card at 1144 MHz on average - higher than most other custom GTX 780 Ti cards. Compare this to the GTX 780 Ti reference board and it results in a significant 8% percent performance improvement, making it the fastest graphics card we ever tested. Yes, even faster than the dual-GPU HD 7990 and GTX 690. Compared to AMD's Radeon R9 290X, the difference is 16%, which is about as much as the R9 290X's lead over the previous-generation HD 7970 GHz. ...

What is even more amazing is that MSI has achieved these fantastic performance results without scorching temperatures or lots of fan noise. While MSI uses a reference-design PCB, they have opted for the latest version of their well-known dual-fan TwinFrozr thermal solution, which we've seen on other cards before. Temperatures reach only 78°C, which is well below the temperature limit beyond which Boost 2.0 starts reducing clocks to keep the card cool. The real highlight of the MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming, however, is fan noise. The card is whisper quiet in idle, which will be important if you don't game all the time. More importantly, once you start gaming, fan speed increases just a little bit, enough to keep the card cool without all hell breaking loose. At just 30 dBA, the MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming is quieter than most graphics cards, no matter their performance segment - and this is the fastest card we ever tested! I recently reviewed several GTX 780 Ti cards, by all the big players, and none are even close in noise levels. It really is a night and day difference, even more so when you start comparing this card to AMD's R9 290X flagship.

.... If you don't want to spend that much money on a graphics card, AMD's R9 290/290X could be more affordable alternatives, but be prepared to experience much higher noise and temperatures. I, for my part, will be replacing my personal system's ASUS GTX 670 Direct CU with the MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming as it's the best card I've reviewed in a long time.

With a $60 price tag for the game, that puts the 780 Ti's net price at $540 negating that price disadvantage the reviewer talked about ....just $10 more than the 290x which, combined with the fact that it's the best rated 780 Ti, to my mind takes the latter outta the competition.

The EVGA 780 at $521 doesn't make sense either .... not when it comes in last place in roundups like these

and when the new MSI version is now the best of the bunch and is $110 cheaper at $411 ($465 - 5% off w/ promo code JUNECLEAN3, ends 6/30 - $30 MIR)

Between the 290 and the cheaper 780, I'd have to take the 780.

So it comes down to budget....

At $400ish, I'd take the MSI 780 over the 290
At $540ish (accounting for the free watch dogs), I'd take the MSI 780 Ti