Screen going to sleep but tower sounds to be running at full speed.

This is my first gaming pc build and it has been running well however recently my monitor will out of nowhere go black then show a going to sleep message the tower does not change at all and sounds to be running fulling i thought this might have been a cooling issue but in the bios about 2 mins later the cpu temp was at 55C and the system temp was at 35C idk whats going on please help hopefully its not anything to bad

Specs are
MoBo: Msi 970A-G43
Gpu: XFX Double D R9 270 925MHz Boost 2GB DDR5 DP HDMI 2X DVI Graphics Card
HDD; Toshiba 500gb 3.5 inch 7200RPM
RAM: Kingston Hyper X 4gb single stick
PSU: Corsair 500W CX500
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  1. What are your specs? Also, is the monitor properly connected and secured?
  2. It could be many things:

    Try reinstalling or updating graphics drivers
    Update your BIOS
    if the top two don't work, make sure your connections in the PC are good.

    What Is your cpu cooler?
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